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Monday, September 25, 2006

Michaelmas - been and gone

Oh how sad am I? The Michaelmas event, the last for the season, has been and gone. I shall have to wait another 7 months for the next event.
But Michaelmas was wonderous! I spent the weekend in the Bakhus (Bakehouse) baking bread for the whole manor.
I felt great satisfaction doing such a thing and knowing that it will feed everyone upon the manor as it is part of their main diet during events.
I had great fun on saturday morning having to light a fire in the hearth with a stillroom maid i know. We must have gone through about 20 matches to get it going!
Not only did we make many common loaves for the peasants, but we also made manchet (white bread) for the gentry. we flavoured some with herbs, fruits of the sun, garlic and we left some plain. All the bread baked was well liked and many compliments were made.
Sunday morning i cried with laughter as a steward came in and jest with us about many things, such as being a Tudor version of Thunderbirds.
He came back later in the day and asked if, on the following day, we could make him some oliphonts (elephants) from our dough, for he had made a promise to juggle them. All i can do is wonder how it went, for i have to spend this monday and tuesday continuing with my studies.
But, alas! i shall return one day!


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