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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The best weekend ever!!

In other words, i've just done the kentwell michaelmas recreation. although i only did 1/2 of it (stupid education!) i enjoyed it twice as much as the high summer.
I was in the dairy again (i dont know if ive already said this) and i didnt do very much, the first few days are a bit boring 'cos the cheese isnt ready for another 3 days! but i spent most of my time in the nice, warm, cosy bakhus wiht my 'mother' (the reason why i put it in inverted comers is because she isnt really my mother, she was my guardian for the weekend and so acted as mother, my kentwell mother) so that made it enjoyable. i really dont know what to say, i'll probably add more later if something comes back to me....


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