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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Eastertide - Tudor style!!

Wow! although being a week after it finished I can still remember a majority of it and I still LOVE it!! It has to have been the best mini-event I have ever been to!It ran from Friday 14th April to Monday 17th April.
I spent my time in the Dairy making some wonderous shapes from butter with the other maids to serve at the Gentry dinner - crown of thorns, garden of Gethseminy (Christ's tomb) and a fish.We sang many a song and had many a laugh.
My Kentwell mother was working in the Bakhus next door and I frequently went in there to listen to the music when she played, to help out, to eat my pottage and to generally 'chill' out and keep warm!!
There was much merryment about the manor, there were two plays, one by the players (very amusing) and one by the childer (very funny also).
I camped over the weekend, albeit absolutely FREEZING! I still enjoyed it and it made the event even better. I could go on and on but i dont know what to talk about!!

Mayday event this weekend!

Annis x


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