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Friday, September 23, 2005

Getting ready

Well, ive got everything ready now for the weekend. i went through my basket and sorted it all out including the various amounts of finger knitted and lucetted wool (10 to be precise, of all varying lengths) and sewing my splitting seams of my woollen bag.
The smell of old cheese welcomed me as i opened my dress cover which contained my tudor clothes, and found that half of it was missing!! so then i dived into the airing cupboard and pulled out my 2 shifts, petticoat and 1 of my 3 aprons (god knows where the others are (i think that ones been in ther since the end of the grand recreation!)) and my stockings that arestill dirty, but i must admit, i did wear everyday for 9 days, 24/7!! ewwwwwwwwww!! then i couldnt find my coif, but it was in one of the drawers, the tie untied so it wasnt gathered, so now i have to tie it and keep trying it on to get it right so it doesnt fall off!!
Last but not least i ironed out the ironed creases in my apron so it looks more authentic. so now im all ready and prepared (i hope) for the weekend, and i cant wait!!!

By the way, a mirracle has happend, my cold has gone!!


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Blogger Cilean said...

I hate losers who spam other sights with porn.

I really enjoy your work and would love to get to England to visit whilst you all are at Kentwell

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