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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May Day!

I was in the bakhus again, this time with Adam, Sarah, Diccon and Matkin.

We had a few laughs, Sarah poured too much water into the dough mix me and Mat were doing so it was all wet and stodgy - we managed to fix it with adding more flour though!

Sarah was making a menchet dough the following day and I was in charge of adding the milk - yes, I took revenge and added too much!

One of the players was in the bakhus on monday morning because it was raining outside, and the players are usually located outside! He asked Sarah to make his mark in dough - a capital B with the top bit filled in and with a face on it - she did a great job, but the bottom bit filled in when it was being baked and ended up looking like a cat's bum!

We had loads of compliments about how good our bread was - it made me feel good - that's one of the great joys about working in the bakhus!

I saw a couple of the plays in the afternoons which were very funny as usual! I joined in with the dancing on monday which I like very much. After that one of the people from the online Kentwell group spoke to me. She was telling me how I was an enthusiastic newbie who was now picking up a lot of information and becoming very knowledgable. It was very kind of her to say such a thing and it made me happy!


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