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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

High summer finished :(

well, it had to end sometime didn't it?
i really enjoyed it and its quite different from the great tudor recreation, but still a good atmosphere and just as friendly.
managed to make widow may smile, and had a good day in the dairy without her!
ermmmmmmmmm..... did a video diary, that was fun although i had no i dea what to talk about, but my friend did it with me.
i got to take some soft curd cheese to high board, that was interesting, there were sooooooooo many visitors all crammed in the house to watch!
i'll give an example of what i said in the dairy -
visitor: how do you make cheese?
Me: we do heat some milk upon the fire and add a little rennet and then leave it to curdle. we do then scoop the curds into a muslin and hang it upon the rail for 3 - 4 days.
visitor: what is rennet?
me: it is the juices from the 4th stomach of a suckling calf (the visitor wrinkles there nose, so i said..) mayhap if you do not take of the flesh, we may use the huice from a lemon, but it does cost much coin and so the master will not let us...

so that is all i've got to say for now!


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